The Studio

The Studio is used for pupils (Reception – KS5) who are able to come off their wards and be taken to a room that is totally away from medical procedures. Work is set by the ward teacher and sent along with the pupil. We aim to tie all work completed in the hospital school to what they are currently learning in their school and all work is marked and assessed which ensures staff know what the child did during their last teaching session.

In the mornings we tend to focus on literacy, numeracy and science activities and the afternoons see us working on other subjects including geography, history, art and technology. But any subject can be accommodated. Once a week we have a food technology session which is usually chosen by pupils at the end of the previous week.

We enjoy a relaxed, happy atmosphere and aim to make the work covered as stress free as possible, and also try to introduce an element of fun when we can.

Nottingham Children's Hospital School
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