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February 2018

Ducklings Post is a special scheme funded by our charity Ducklings. It sees carefully-selected books sent home to some of our students after they have been discharged. Students are then encouraged to read the books and send in a review to us. Lily really enjoyed reading her copy of The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson. You can read her excellent five star review here (click on the image to see a larger version).

November 2017

Alekss enjoyed his 14th Birthday in Hospital School. He really loves dubstep music and was excited when Edward Seven – a renowned dubstep DJ – made a special visit to school just for Alekss’ birthday. Edward showed Alekss the ropes and he was soon mixing his own dubstep set.







October 2017

Jack was learning how to use watercolours to create a painting in the style of Claude Monet. He used a variety of techniques e.g. using a wash, painting wet on wet and wet on dry.

September 2017

Lily enjoyed taking part in the Harvest assembly in the Chapel. She took the part of the mouse in the story ‘The Gigantic Turnip’, joined in with the singing and played her maraca with enthusiasm.

June 2017

Lily loves books and is enjoying sharing this story with Kathy. She likes to retell the stories in her own words. She rewrote the  story ‘The crying Princess’ and was working hard to remember her finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.

May 2017

Kieran has been exploring creating animations. Here is the premiere of his own creation – Animal Hospital! Kieran has a very creative imagination and this project allowed him to put this to good use.

April 2017

Sean’s class have been studying the rainforest. So during some of his Hospital School session he learned about: the location of rainforests in the world, what the climate is like, the layers of the rainforest, the plant and animal life in the different layers and deforestation. He created this poster to show some of the things he had learnt.

December 2016

Lewis with his Buddy Double – Blake.

October 2016

Fatima using a microscope to find out about cells during a science lesson on the ward.

Elisha made a 3D story board and used this as inspiration to create a story.

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