E39 and E40

Ward E39 is the Oncology ward which has 10 beds and is next to the 5 bedded Teenage Cancer Trust unit. Ward E40 is a 19 bedded ward mainly for children and young people with neurological conditions.

Those children who can, will come to our bright and welcoming classrooms and those who need to remain on the wards receive teaching at the bed side. Teaching is carefully tailored to the needs of the individual (from Reception – KS5) and rigorous assessment and record keeping ensures that there is always an appropriate level of challenge.

Many of our pupils have prolonged stays in hospital and receive teaching on the days when they are able, thus school becomes an integral part of their routine and rehabilitation. We liaise closely with other professionals and therapists involved in the pupils care to ensure a joined up approach  The well-being of our pupils is of upmost importance and we aim to provide an inviting, nurturing and aspirational environment and experience where our pupils feel safe, happy and encouraged to continue with their learning, at their own pace whilst being provided with skilled teaching and support.

Our teaching is pupil centred and personalised to meet each individuals: academic, emotional, psychological and health related needs. We liaise closely with our pupils’ home schools and where possible and appropriate we will teach from plans and programmes that they send us. We also plan our own cycle of termly themes to provide opportunities to teach a wide range of subjects and to engage, interest and challenge our pupils e.g. Space, Horrible Histories. Our weekly food technology session plays an important part of the timetable.  Pupils of all ages can learn how to bake a variety of things e.g. cakes, pizza, bread and of course the infamous cheese straw which, as well as learning an essential life skill,  provides an excellent opportunity for developing and increasing: social interaction, self -esteem, confidence, reading skills and creativity. It’s also GREAT FUN!

Nottingham Children's Hospital School
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