D34 and D35 News

January 2018

One pupil on the ward had been exploring static electricity at her home school. This work was continued through looking at the properties of different types of electrical circuit. You can see in the photograph Mckenzie building different types of series and parallel circuits and then investigating the properties of these using different variables.

December 2017

One of our pupils has been looking at the topic of caring for the environment. After sorting a variety of household items into types of material/ recyclables she was able to recycle her own paper. She chose a variety of coloured papers to add to newspaper, ripped them into pieces and these were mixed with water. A blender was used to make a lumpy pulp. She then spooned the pulp onto a mesh and the resultant piece of paper was flattened with some heavy books as it dried. She was pleased with her attractive piece of purple paper.

November 2017

In the days leading up to Remembrance Day, pupils were offered a selection of activities to complete. Martha enjoyed discussing what Remembrance Day means to her, as well as other things that she likes to remember. Martha the enjoyed making a collage poppy and write her ideas on the poppy.

October 2017

One of our pupils sketched a variety of insects from photographs and then made a print tile to produce a repeated print, as part of his Level 1 Art and Design course.

September 2017

On Wednesday 27th September, pupils were invited to the Harvest service in the Chapel. Lois enjoyed listening to and participating in the retelling of ‘The Giant Turnip’ story, as well as singing and playing a range of musical instruments.

July 2017

Matei has enjoyed learning about China. He has located China on the globe and has found out what currency is used, what language is spoken and what school is like in China.

June 2017

Isaac’s topic at school is the Stone Age. He has enjoyed finding out more about life in the stone age, reading ‘Stone Age Boy’ and creating his own storyboard.

May 2017

On Wednesday 17th May, pupils across all of the children’s wards were invited to a school assembly in the Chapel. Pupils discussed how different faiths celebrate when babies are born and pupils enjoyed a range of craft activities including painting stones.

April 2017

Lewis really enjoyed developing his Boccia skills on the ward, and so competed in a ‘best of 5’ game to win the Boccia trophy!

March 2017

Pupils on the ward participated in a range of Red Nose Day activities. This included puzzles and challenges, a Boccia competition, guess the name of the teddy bear competition and making biscuits!

March 2017

During Ayo’s time at the Children’s Hospital School, we were able to teach GCSE Biology, Physics and Chemistry. This photograph shows one such lesson on the human ear. We were looking at a human ear model and discussing how the ear works and the ways in which each part is delicately designed to allow us to hear the sound around us

March 2017

British Science Week took place between Monday 10th and Friday 19th March. Pupils enjoyed participating in range of activities and experiments on the ward. We also had visitors from Mad Science who did some exciting experiments with pupils – including making slime!

Here Lewis is exploring the effect of detergent on fat molecules in milk!

February 2017

Monday 6th February to Friday 10th February saw Inter-Faith Harmony week across all wards of the Children’s Hospital School. The children in the hospital school had opportunities to research various faiths, as well as share and talk about any faith that they personally practiced. During the week, the chaplaincy team took activities related to ‘Peace’ around all of the wards, giving children and young people the opportunity to talk about and investigate their thoughts on peace. We also organised a school trip to the Multi Faith Area, where children had the opportunity to take part in this tour and hear from people who practise various faiths.

January 2017

The week beginning 30th January was our Storytelling week at the Hospital School. Children and young people on the wards were encouraged to devise, write and perform their own stories with activities for all ages. We had several visitors who bought the week to life – we had a drama session on the Tuesday with Beth from Nottingham Playhouse, on Wednesday Rachel from Lakeside Arts came to do some exciting art and crafts. Adam from Into Film helped pupils creating animations from their stories and on Friday morning we had a visit from a storyteller and musician who kept a group entertained for the morning. Overall it was an exciting, creative and busy week at the Nottingham Children’s Hospital School!

Nottingham Children's Hospital School
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