Teaching Areas

At the Hospital School, we teach a broad and balanced curriculum including English, Maths, Science, Languages, Computing and many other subjects. As well as academic school work, pupils also enjoy a wide variety of other activities such as special celebration days e.g. Diwali, baking to raise money for charity and performances at Christmas.

Teaching is available on wards from 9.30am to 12.00 noon and 1.00 to 3.00pm, taking place either in the classroom or playroom or at the bedside. Pupils who are able to leave the ward may be taught in one of the classrooms on E Floor. Teaching both in the ward areas and the classrooms will be 1:1 or very small groups.

Liaison with mainstream schools take place regularly to ensure continuity of education wherever possible.

We are also able to assist in arranging home education for pupils who are unable to return to their home school for medical reasons after discharge from hospital.

At the Hospital School, we aim to provide a happy and fun environment where pupils are encouraged to learn, to achieve and to enjoy a sense of success.

For more information about individual areas of the Hospital School please refer to Ward Information menu.


Nottingham Children's Hospital School
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