D33 News

July 2017

Harry had started a new topic at school on plants. He labelled the parts of a plant and what they need to help them to grow. Harry enjoyed planting runner beans and tomato seeds and predicted how they would grow in different conditions.

June 2017

The CF team have been to Seville to the European Cystic Fibrosis conference to hear about the latest CF research projects and findings across a range of disciplines.

Jack had a great trip to watch the Grand Prix in Monaco

May 2017

Kelsey has had to sit her school end of term exams in hospital and was especially pleased that she came second in her Maths exam. She has worked really hard despite missing lots of school and thoroughly deserves the success.

May 2017

Mrs Sparkle from POD entertainment has visited the ward to cheer up the pupils with her colourful costume and by making amazing balloon creations like this hat for Sharee.

Nottingham Children's Hospital School
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