The main aim of the school on D33 is to provide continuity of education so that pupils do not fall behind with their schoolwork, but also to give support and encouragement and to have fun!

D33 is a 16 – bed medical ward and the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) team are based here.

There is a small, bright and well equipped classroom with cabled internet access. Internet is also provided by the school at every bed space and laptops are usually available during a child’s stay in hospital. School is open to all school age patients who are well enough to attend .

CF patients are not allowed to mix, so may sometimes have to work in their cubicles, but we will always be available to help and support .

Some mobile pupils may also be able to attend the large schoolroom on E Floor where music, cookery, and art sessions are also sometimes available.

We always make contact with the mainstream school for pupils who are in hospital for an extended stay, so that a programme of study can be set up enabling them to do the same work they would do in their home school. It is also very useful if pupils can bring in their own work even for shorter stays.

Liaison with the mainstream school is very important and we work hard to ensure that CF and all other pupils on the ward have a positive and successful educational experience.

Nottingham Children's Hospital School
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