Dialysis and E17 News

November 2017

Jamie on E17 has chosen Art as one of his GCSE options. Whilst with us, he took inspiration from famous artists’ work and produced this ‘moody’ masterpiece. How much do you think it will fetch at auction!?

October 2017

Ismaeel on Dialysis and other students celebrated Diwali this week. This included preparing and tasting a traditional Mint and Cucumber cooler.

September 2017

Well done to Aisha for working very hard on her first day at school. Here she is working with her numbers.

July 2017

As part of his Commotion in the Ocean topic, Alex has been steadily curating his own gallery of undersea artwork which is now proudly on exhibition within the Dialysis unit!

June 2017

Myles on E17 is a keen artist and drew this graffiti image. We emailed it to New York artist Jon Burgerman, who sent a reply:

“Keep on drawing Myles! See as much art as possible and keep enjoying making it!”

May 2017

As part of her toy project at school, Florence had a D&T brief to design and make a toy go-kart for her teddy. Here she is, showing off the finished article.

April 2017

Amelia has been learning about the Great Fire of London. She re-created the event in Playmobil form, and can be seen here providing the strong Easterly wind that fanned the flames!

March 2017

Tabios on E17 was the lucky winner of the ‘name the bunny’ competition in aid of Comic Relief. Here he is with ‘Mr Hop’ and his comic relief glasses.

March 2017

Former Dialysis patient Ummae wanted to share a poem that she wrote exploring her experiences of receiving treatment.

Green Chair


Watch the world go round

as you sit in the chair

occupied by the stuff going on around you

But that can’t distract me from what I want

One thing I need

One thing I cry for.


That’s it when the time’s over

Must get longer each time I’m attached to the machine beside me

Acting like my best friend

I get a wave of dizziness

Wish I just felt a bit of happiness.


Now I sit at home waiting for the day to come

When I don’t have to go there to sit in the green chair

But to get what I always wanted.


If you know what I want reading this

then you’re wanting the same thing

But don’t worry

One day the time ends and you get the blessing you deserve.

March 2017

Ismaeel has been learning about the structure of the Earth. He used plasticine to make a model by building up the different layers, and then sliced it open to see a cross-section of our planet.

February 2017

Shefa was reading and writing decimals with up to 3 decimal places and was then expressing them as fractions.

January 2017

Florence on E17 has been reading Meerkat Mail to keep up with her class at school. She made an amazing Meerkat collage using a variety of materials. Great work Florence!

January 2017

Alex has been using his Toy Shop to develop his Maths skills and has enjoyed banking all of the teachers’ weekly pocket money.

January 2017

Ismaeel misses his Food Technology lessons at school on a Friday whilst undergoing his Dialysis treatment. Thankfully, we have provision here for him to bake whilst connected to his machine. Here he is, baking up a storm with his carrot cupcakes!

December 2016

Staff from the Hospital School brought their Christmas panto production to the Dialysis bay. The parts were shared between children, parents, ward staff and teaching staff. The show finished with a great big singsong. Well done everyone!

December 2016

Tomzin on E17 chose a book from our Readathon trolley. He enjoyed it so much that he decided to write a book review:

The Fox and the Ghost King by Michael Morpurgo

This is a book about a family of foxes. They love watching their football team play and rummaging in bins for left-over pizza and chips. One day, daddy fox finds a ghost king. Then the story unfolds…

By Tomzin aged 10 years.

November 2016

Ismaeel has been keeping up with his class at school by learning to play a piece of music on the keyboard. He had never played an instrument before. Well done Ismaeel!

November 2016

Isla on E17 has been studying India at her school. Whilst at the hospital, she produced some amazing models of elephants; one made from cardboard, one made from recycled materials and one that she stitched together, with full Indian patterns!

November 2016

Anthony on E17 showed an interest in learning some origami, and created a perfect tie and Samurai helmet for his bear.

October 2016

Ashleigh on E17 was delighted to be donated a ukulele, which she christened Bailey. Here she is, learning a few tunes with resident music maestro Jenny, one of the ward teachers.

September 2016

September 26th was the European day of languages. Students on Dialysis were invited to speak a little French and then sample a French breakfast – Croissants avec de la confiture et du beurre. C’était delicieux!

September 2016

Inspired by the work of New York artist Jon Burgerman (who has roots in Nottingham and work installations within QMC), Ismaeel drew his own interpretation of himself as a toothbrush.

Ismaeel then sent his work to Jon Burgerman, and received a reply:


Hello Ismaeel

I love your drawing –
It made me laugh and almost spill my cup of tea!
I’m glad you like my art work, that makes me very happy.
Thanks for getting in touch.
Keep on doodling
greetings from New York

September 2016

Amelia has been enjoying her new Maths Mastery by comparing ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ cubes.

September 2016

Amelia’s school Buddy Double, Stroodle Doodle, popped into Dialysis for a health check before he went to help Amelia in Year 1.

September 2016

Well done Harley for working hard on your first day at school.

June 2016

Shefa enjoyed learning about time and the rainforest.

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