Dialysis Unit and E17

E17 is a 10 bedded ward and the haemodialysis unit has 7 beds. We teach students from Reception to Key Stage 5, from a range of educational settings.

Personalised learning is at the heart of everything we do. Every aspect of teaching and support are centred around the students’ academic, medical and emotional needs. We work hard to create a welcoming environment, providing a range of opportunities that would be available in a mainstream school (Children In Need/ World Book Day/Diwali/ Christmas nativity play etc.).


Dialysis Unit

Children normally attend the dialysis unit for treatment three days a week and a typical treatment lasts 3-4 hours. Our primary role is to provide continuity for the individual who will be missing their mainstream provision. For this to work effectively, close liaison with schools is essential. We maintain strong links with schools and colleges, ensuring that we deliver as effectively as we can the lessons that have been missed. We work alongside the student during their dialysis treatment, aiming to make the sessions fun and enjoyable. Continuous assessment and rigorous record keeping ensure that the students are given many opportunities to reflect on their progress.



Lessons take place in our bright and well-equipped classroom or at the bed-side, depending on the individual requirements of our students. Some students may be able to leave the ward to have lessons in the main schoolroom where they can participate in more active sessions (including art, music and cooking). At the start of a student’s stay, we provide appropriate work from our range of up-to-date resources. If the stay extends over a week, we contact the student’s school so that a specific programme of study can be established.

Nottingham Children's Hospital School
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