"Parents’ positive feedback on the provision was reflected in comments such as ‘My child loves attending the school, the teachers are nothing short of amazing’" OFSTED 2017

The School Day

For staff, the school day starts at 8:30 when we go to the wards to find out which pupils are well enough for school. Each ward has a link teacher who liaises with the medical staff, pupils and parents and is the first point of contact for school on the ward.

Once we know who our pupils are, the primary and secondary staff teams meet to plan a programme of work for each of our pupils for the day. Teaching begins on day three of a child’s admission, unless the child has regular admissions, in which case, teaching will begin on day one.

Between 9:00 and 10:00 each morning, teaching staff prepare lessons and resources before their first lesson at 10:00. Pupils will be informed when teaching will take place. Teachers may make arrangements to take some pupils up to school to work, either in the Garden Room, the Studio or the Hub, in the school area on E floor.

Staff finish teaching at 3:00pm and time is then spent preparing, marking or on other paperwork.

For further information about our school, or advice on educational issues that may affect your child whilst in hospital, please speak to the teaching staff attached to your ward or call the School Office on 0115 9709753. If you are calling from a ward, the internal phone number for the school office is 62218. All messages and queries will be dealt with as soon as possible.

The School Office is open from 8:45 to 3:30 each day of the Nottingham City School calendar.

Nottingham Children's Hospital School
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