"Hospital teachers are exceptionally skilled at engaging the pupils in their care" OFSTED 2017


Nottingham Children’s Hospital School aims to maintain, as far as possible, continuity of education whilst working within the basis of the existing National Curriculum requirements.

We make early contact and maintain close liaison with our pupils’ home schools which ensures that, where appropriate, the pupils can follow the same programmes of study as their peers. Where this is not possible or appropriate, the staff are skilled at quickly assessing the ability and needs of each pupil, then matching suitable work that is of the right interest level whilst providing opportunities for challenge and consolidation. All education is highly personalised and the school is well resourced in order to be able to deliver a broad (in its broadest sense) and balanced curriculum in a safe and stimulating environment.

Work is regularly marked and feedback is given which helps our pupils to develop their knowledge of their own strengths as well as knowing what the next steps in learning would be. We encourage our pupils to become self evaluative, reflective, self led learners who have a love of learning.

We constantly assess and evaluate: our pupils’ learning, our teaching and the opportunities that we provide, in order to ensure progression and achievement as well as enjoyment and participation, whilst always considering each individuals educational, physical, psychological and emotional needs.

This policy applies equally to all pupils who are unable to attend school whether due to medical, physically or mental health needs. Particular care is needed to ensure that there is appropriate provision for pupils suffering from mental illness.


1. Education is provided to ensure that children who are ill (and others referred to the Service) will, as far as possible, receive an education which prevents them from falling behind their peers. The curriculum content taught at the Hospital School at each Key Stage is therefore determined for each individual pupil by their home-school, the National Curriculum and the Hospital School teachers.

2. During the time a child is with Nottingham Children’s Hospital School, the home-school still continues to have a responsibility for him / her, and s/he remains on the home-school roll.

3. Pupils with medical needs should have access to the full National Curriculum wherever possible. As a minimum, pupils with medical needs are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum complementary and comparable to that in school. This will depend on how ill they are at any time.

4. There is a shared curriculum responsibility between the mainstream school and ourselves. We offer a specialised curriculum where appropriate. There is a sliding scale of responsibility.

5. Parental involvement is encouraged wherever possible and appropriate.

6. Individual programme planning, record keeping and reporting will be in line with national requirements of the National Curriculum and a child’s individual situation.

Nottingham Children's Hospital School
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