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January 2019

After reading Rosie Revere Engineer, Magnus has been being a scientist, inventor and engineer!  He has been exploring the question ‘How can Rosie make her helicopter fall more slowly?’ He designed some amazing modifications to the helicopter tester, made predictions about what effect the changes would have, measured times and distances and recorded his results.  His advice to Rosie was , “Make a giant paper parachute and put it on your helicopter.  I think the parachute catches the air and makes it fall slowly.”  (Advisory- No teachers were harmed (by falling off chairs) in the making of this Science lesson!)

December 2018

A year 1 pupil enjoyed the ‘Supertato’ story book. The next day he received a letter from Supertato asking for help – the Evil Pea had frozen some carrots in a block of ice and Supertato needed the pupil’s help to free them! He thought of a variety of different ways of speeding up the thawing process as an investigative science activity. By the end of the session the carrots were free and a model of Supertato was made.

December 2018

Rehan, a year one pupil who is unable to leave the ward, enjoyed making chocolate cookies on the ward and sharing them with his friends.

December 2018

Hollie-May explored space. Objects she enjoys exploring were placed out of reach (far) and within arm’s reach (near), support then given to reach for objects far away to bring closer. By the end of the session, Hollie-May required less support to reach for objects and retrieve them.

November 2018

Amelia (Year 3) used her plan and started her explanation, earthquake writing at her Home School. She continued it in Hospital School the following day.

We then worked together to edit and improve her text – checking spellings and identifying any prepositions and time adverbials that she had used.

Amelia was very proud of her work and enjoyed learning how and why earthquakes happen.

September 2018

Amelia has been using base 10 to find 10 more. She said “The ones stay the same. The tens go up in ones”.

We are a Hoodwinked school!

Hoodwinked is a twist on the tale of Robin Hood, run by Nottingham City Council. From 7th July until 30th September, there will be a city centre sculpture trail of giant robins decorated by local artists which will attract tourists to Nottingham and encourage local people to explore their city in a fun way.

Alongside this, Hoodwinked schools will design and create a unique piece of art for public display. The BookBenches from each school will be proudly displayed in community venues such as libraries and leisure centres to create a complimentary trail, after which they will be returned to the school to be treasured for years to come.

Designing the bench

In April, we asked the children at Nottingham CHS to submit their designs for our BookBench. We have now selected elements from as many of them as possible and incorporated them into the final design. The children will then be able to transfer the design onto the BookBench on Friday 8th June, with guidance from the artist James Mayle.

Our bench will feature the phrase ‘Reading is the best medicine!’ to reflect our school’s belief in the restorative power of books and storytelling.

Our BookBench will go on tour in the summer holidays and will be on display in a prominent public position. It will then return to us, where it will be treasured for years to come.

Congratulations to Millie, Shaun, Tia, Sameer, Charlie and Amy. You are the first people to achieve an Arts Award (Discover) at the Nottingham Children’s Hospital School. Well done!!

Emily Gravett, author of the book ‘Tidy’, has sent this video to accompany our celebrations of World Book Day 2018.

The latest news from our Film Club can be found in our blog by clicking here.

Money raised through our Ducklings fundraising has been used to employ the services of an urban artist. Our lovely roof garden now has a fantastic mural on the wall. Check out the photos!

Film maker Adam Robertson led a lively session in which school staff learned the basics of filmmaking using iMovie. In groups, staff assigned themselves roles such as Director, Assistant Director and ‘the talent’. Three groups each planned, filmed and edited a short film under the title ‘unusual hobbies’. We learned how to undertake a simple cutting process and produced films with titles and music. You can view these videos here (best viewed in full screen), showing teaching staff in learning mode and underlining the fact that we all belong to a community of learners.

Children at the Hospital School supported Red Nose Day 2017 with a number of activities throughout the day.  Pupils had the opportunity to name the rabbit – £29.05 was raised and donated to the Red Nose Day appeal.  Each area competed to play the most number of games of Boccia, a Paralympic sport, within an hour.  Pupils from the Studio and D33 convincingly won with an amazing 42 games.  Everyone got involved – pupils, parents, grandparents and medics!  Well done to all for a really successful day.

Red Nose Day 2017

Local film director Adam Roberston has been running a weekly film-making club here at the Children’s Hospital School. This has been very generously funded by Into Film. Adam has been keeping a weekly blog which can be found at the link below. Watch this space for news of a premiere in the summer term unveiling the final finished film.

When Jardell started on Dialysis, he had no qualifications having dropped out of school before ever completing any exams. We have since worked with him and helped him complete SEVEN AIMs awards. Here he is, being presented with his first certificates by Headteacher Eleanor Tweedie. Well done Jardell!

Exciting news! We are delighted to announce the launch of the Nottingham Playhouse QMC Children’s Hospital School Youth Theatre. Beth from Nottingham Playhouse will be coming in to school once a month on Thursday afternoons to run a new drama club. Watch this space for updates and photos.

Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day and the teachers at the hospital school celebrated by dressing up as characters from Harry Potter. We toured the wards to allow the children to spot their favourite wizard. Special activities also took place in school to mark the event.

Can you identify all of the characters?

The Hospital School laid on its annual Panto performance on Thursday 15th December. The cast was made up of school staff, students and special guests. An enthusiastic audience gathered in the Hospital Chapel to watch, sing and enjoy themselves, followed by light festive refreshments.

This year’s performance was ‘Jack and The Beanstalk and The Golden Duckling’. Special guests included the local mayor and Spiderman. Here’s a photo gallery capturing some of the action.

A enjoying watching the chicks

MP Chris Leslie learning some chess tips off Alfie.

Joshua and his family couldn’t believe it when they met Amir Khan during Eid celebrations.

Dylan was overjoyed to meet resident author Andy Cope and find out how he began his writing career.

We launched the Ducklings charity during the Rio Garden Party.

Spiderman and his sidekick Reggie.

Robin Hood surprised Liam at the Rio Garden Party.

Batman visited a young fan, Harley, on the Dialysis unit.

Keira and her mum were surprised to meet The Stig when they came to the Rio Garden Party.

The Nottingham Children’s Hospital School EU Referendum – 23rd June 2016

We held our own EU Referendum at the Hospital School today. Anybody under the age of 18 was given the chance to vote.

Different roles were allocated to ensure that the day went smoothly.

We emphasised the importance of the secret ballot and students placed their voting slips in our sealed ballot box. The official count involved Chandler, James and Justyna and the results were unanimous.

A total of 45 students voted –  66% voted to remain and 34% voted to leave – so overall the Nottingham Children’s Hospital School voted to STAY in the EU.

The only question now is how will this compare with tomorrow’s official result?

Victoria playing Rugby in one of her last sessions before she was discharged.

Pupils enjoyed watching the Mad Scientist at work.

Staff and Pupils dressed up for World Book Day as Shakespeare characters.

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